Personalisierte Halskette - Deine unvergesslichen Erinnerungen immer bei dir

Personalized Necklace - Your unforgettable memories always with you

Personalized Necklace - Your unforgettable memories always with you

We are pleased to introduce you to our unique personalized necklace. With us you can have your favorite photo of a handwriting engraved on a necklace, making it an unforgettable piece of jewelry.

Choosing the right material

We offer personalized necklaces in silver, gold and rose gold. Our gold and rose gold necklaces are gold-plated with real 14 carat gold and are therefore of the highest quality. Our necklaces are made from stainless steel which means they are durable and resilient.

The personalized engraving process

Our personalized engraving process is simple and quick. You simply upload your favorite handwriting photo and our team of expert engravers will create a perfect engraving on your necklace. Our team works hard to capture every detail of your photo to create an unforgettable piece of jewelry.

Create memories that last a lifetime

Our personalized necklaces make a perfect gift for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or graduations. They can also serve as a memorial to a deceased loved one by having a handwritten note from the deceased engraved on your necklace. So you can always carry these memories with you and have them close to you at all times.

Caring for your personalized necklace

Our personalized necklaces are durable and resilient, but like any piece of jewelry, they require care. We recommend cleaning your necklace regularly and polishing it from time to time to maintain its shine. Store your necklace in a jewelry box when you are not wearing it to avoid scratches or damage.


We hope we were able to give you an insight into our personalized necklaces. With us you can create unforgettable memories in the form of a personalized necklace. Our high-quality materials and unique engraving process make it easy to create a piece of jewelry that you can carry with you forever. Order your personalized necklace today and let's create an unforgettable memory for you together.

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