welche Halsketten sind 2023 angesagt

Jewelry trends in summer 2023: These chains are popular

Summer, sun, and jewelry - what could be a better combination? If you are a jewelry lover, you will know that the right necklace can make all the difference. In this article we will show you the hottest necklace trends for summer 2023. From minimalist designs to sporty pieces to varied summer necklaces - we have something for everyone. But let's dive straight into the exciting world of jewelry.

  • Discover the minimalist trends
  • Dive into the sporty necklaces
  • Get inspired by the summery designs

a. Frozen Happiness

Minimalism is still very much in vogue. The Frozen Happiness Necklace features a simple yet stunning design. It's perfect for anyone who wants a necklace that goes with any outfit while still adding a touch of uniqueness. Not only is it elegant, it is also waterproof, making it the ideal companion for the summer.

frozen happiness

b. Ich liebe dich

The I Love You necklace is another minimalist option that's trending this summer. With its loving design, it is a sign of love and friendship that you can always carry with you. The perfect gift idea for your best friend or for yourself!

i love you necklace

II. Sporty necklaces

a. Wave Chasers

For all sports enthusiasts and summer-loving people, there is the Wave Chasers necklace . This extraordinary piece captures the dynamism and energy of the waves and brings them directly to your neck. It is the perfect choice for anyone who longs for the sea and loves the sporty look.

wave chasers

b. Beast Mode & Goal Fever

For the football enthusiasts among you, we have two special pieces: the Beast Mode and the Goal Fever Necklace . Both embody the spirit of the game and are fashion accessories at the same time.

III. Summery designs

a. Tropical retreat

The Tropical Retreat Necklace provides a touch of the tropics on your neck. This outstanding piece embodies summer in all its beauty.

tropical retreat

b. Dolphin necklace

The Dolphin Necklace lets you always carry the sea with you. It is the ideal piece for all sea lovers and those who want to become one.

dolphin necklace

We hope you find what you're looking for through our collection of necklaces and summer necklaces . We have something for every taste and every budget. Take a look and let yourself be inspired. With that in mind: enjoy the summer and always stay shiny!

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endless flow
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